About The Blog – Memoir In Progress

A brief note for those of you dropping by:

This WordPress Blog is where I am constructing the long-awaited personal narrative that tries too define and justify my intrusion into this world.  In the coming months I will have a reflection collection of twenty or so biographical vignettes taken from my experiences, steered by my emotions, flavored with my outlook, and inspired by my deeper observations.

Many of you don’t know, and fewer care, that I have produced a dozen homemade songs. These were to be the organizational framework of this life story; a longer chapter built upon each song title.  But that idea was killed by my ‘agent’ after hearing the dubious quality of my recordings.  He was not swayed by the brilliance of the deeply sensitive lyrics or the excuse that I’m no kinda musician.  He is me and me he, so I had to acquiesce.

The new title — A Picture. A Thousand Words. — will have a more visual format and shorter, more readable chapters.  When we go to publication next year, all will translate better to the page.  Every picture tells a story, and I may include some poetic lyrics and song links when no one is looking.  Until next time.  JD